Alumni Board

Bellisario Alumni Board Mark


  1. To help elevate the stature of the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications through objective review of its programs, and by dialogue with the faculty, students, Dean and associate deans;
  2. To support the Bellisario College through fund-raising and development efforts to the extent possible;
  3. To assist the Dean, faculty and staff in providing all media with the resources to prepare students for obtaining internships and employment upon graduation;
  4. To foster a sense of pride in and a commitment to the Bellisario College while enhancing its reputation and prestige;
  5. To provide the vehicle by which alumni may be involved in the affairs of the Bellisario College and of the University and to provide fellowship; and
  6. To insure the on-going recognition of outstanding achievements by faculty, alumni and friends of the Bellisario College.

Alumni Board Officers

  • President, Kevin Flintosh
  • President-Elect, Ebony Martin
  • Secretary, Katherine Hansen