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UP-COMM - Media Effects Lab - Equipment and Room Reservation

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To better serve the Media Effects Research Lab (MERL) members, a new lab facility checkout system is implemented for lab reservation and equipment checkout. The system will allow users to directly view the availability of lab room and equipment, and make reservations on their own. This system is only accessible to the authorized MERL members, who will be able to reserve/check out the lab recourses for research purposes.

To ensure each member has equal accessibility to all the MERL resources, please follow the following checkout policy during your use of lab equipment.

  1. Absolutely no lab equipment can be taken off of lab premises without making an online reservation.
  2. Please note that you SHOULD NOT check out the lab equipment yourself without the presence of the lab coordinator or authorized personnel (not applicable to lab room reservation).
  3. On the online reservation website, you should indicate the equipment you intend to use and how long you will be using them.
  4. Once you make your reservation, the lab coordinator will contact with you to schedule a time for you to pick up your reserved equipment (This is not applicable for lab room reservation). Therefore, all the reservations must be made at least 2 days, but not more than 30 days, before the day you retrieve the equipment so that the lab coordinator can fully prepare everything you need.
  5. Once an item is checked out, the user needs to take a full responsibility of taking care of the item until return the item to the lab. Users are required to return the items by the end of the reservations.
  6. If you need to extend your checkout, you can renew your items anytime before the return deadline.
  7. Most of the time, you will be able to pick up and/or return equipment to the lab coordinator from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. You can also return your equipment by using the drop-off cabinet in room 309 if the lab coordinator is not available. 
  8. To use a drop off cabinet, find an available drawer and store your equipment with a label indicating your name. Remember to use a provided lock to lock the drawer to protect your return. The lab coordinator will retrieve your returned equipment later.
  9. The researcher(s) who made the online reservation is (are) responsible for any damage to the equipment and will be expected to pay for repairs undertaken to restore the equipment to original working condition.