Science Communication Program

Future Directions

A primary goal of the Science Communication Program is to move current seed-funded projects into National Science Foundation and other federal grant proposals. Administrative resources from within the College of Communications and the Strategic Interdisciplinary Office can be leveraged to strengthen federal and foundation grant proposals.

The program is also actively exploring and supporting new collaborations across the University and beyond:

  • Energy
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Climate science
  • Health

On a more practical and applied level, the program is developing support material and modules for training graduate students in faculty in the basics of science communication and media relations.

In addition, an undergraduate science communication course is being expanded to attract students from other disciplines and to reach a larger audience within and outside the University.

Resources can also be dedicated to public opinion surveys on attitudes toward specific science issues, and producing public reports and resources related to them.

Ideas from within and outside of Penn State for productive partnerships and projects are welcome. The future direction of the program will be determined by the interest and energy of our collaborative team.