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The Advertising/Public Relations Alumni Board of the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications is an 18-member (15 alumni, three students) volunteer advisory group that plans events, meetings and other support activities for the Bellisario College, its students and alumni. Board membership mandates an annual minimum donation to the Bellisario College. Board members are graduates of the Bellisario College and its Penn State forebears, or are Penn State graduates working in the advertising and public relations fields.

The Board is chartered by the Bellisario College of Communications Alumni Society and focuses on the networking of alumni and professionals in the fields of advertising, public relations, community relations and marketing. The group serves as a resource for the Bellisario College and the Department of Advertising/Public Relations.

Terms are three years, with a maximum of two concurrent terms. The Board holds meetings at minimum once a year on the University Park campus and attendance is mandatory for membership. The Board has several committees, which meet throughout the year via conference calls, as does the Board as a group.

All interested parties need to complete a nomination. It is permitted to nominate yourself. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis. The current Board considers and vote on new nominations. To be placed on the official election ballot, all nominations must be submitted using the form below.