Information for Potential Employers

While the internship program is varied in its opportunities and flexible in its particulars, it requires that an internship be a structured learning experience. Interns should not be regarded as cheap labor or as a replacement for vacationing staffers.

Tuition for internship credits is the same as it is for all Penn State credits, and most internships are away from campus. The Bellisario College recommends that a minimum of $500 be paid to students upon successful completion of an internship; however, this is entirely the decision of the sponsoring organization. The internship program is directed by a faculty member to ensure academic standards are maintained.

Because the Bellisario College asks that its interns be given opportunities to test their professional competencies, the Belliario College assumes the obligation of approving internships for only those students who are likely to perform in a professional manner. In short, students should regard their selection for an internship as an honor. Such selection is an expression of confidence by both the sponsor and the Bellisario College in the students’ abilities, motivations, and maturity.

In order to assist students, the Bellisario College maintains a list of internship sites and provides information on those sites upon request.