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The internship program offers students the opportunity to gain and sharpen their professional skills under the critical eyes of practitioners, to relate their classroom knowledge to communications professions, and to explore career interests. The Bellisario College encourages students to complete multiple internships, taking advantage of the many for-credit, paid and volunteer opportunities currently available in the industry.

Students in the Bellisario College of Communications are eligible to earn up to six credits of COMM 495 (the internship for-credit course) throughout their undergraduate career. Students may complete individual internships for one, two or three credits, with each level requiring certain minimum guidelines (1 credit = 67 hours). Students may always complete more hours at their credit level than is required.

Students completing an in-person/for-credit internship in Fall 2020:
If at any time during the semester your internship has an in-person element, you will need to complete the Exception and Acknowledgement forms. LINK

How to Apply for a For-Credit Internship

  1. Review our PowerPoint presentation about internship programs.
  2. Complete the For-Credit Internship Application. Email to Stephanie Girouard -
  3. Secured your internship and want to/are required to take it for-credit? Complete and return the "Prospect Form" which is only required if you accept an internship with a location that is not a registered internship location.
  4. Secured your internship and the internship location is requiring a letter verifying you will receive credit?  Complete and return the editable "Letter Verifying You Will Receive Credit" form.  The "Letter Verifying You Will Receive Credit" is only required if your internship location has requested documentation from Penn State.  Simply replace the content contained within the brackets( << >> ) with your information. The information you provide on the letter will be printed on school letter head and signed by Bob Martin, Assistant Dean, Internships and Career Placement.  Please note a "Letter Verifying You Will Receive Credit" will only be completed if you, the student, have an approved "Internship Application" on file with the Internships & Career Placement Office.  Please email your completed "Letter Verifying You Will Receive Credit" to Stephanie Girouard -

Still Looking for an Internship (paid, for-credit or volunteer)?

  1. We can help! Review our database of more than 4,000 internship opportunities and choose those that interest you.
  2. Please limit your selections to 15 to 20 internship sites and indicate the category and name of each company with which you would like to pursue an internship.
  3. Email your selections to Stephanie Girouard -
  4. Once she receives your list, Stephanie will email you a profile including detailed information on each of the internship locations you have selected. After that, you are welcome to pursue the locations you selected. However, you may want to consult our office on an effective strategy before you pursue each location. We do not guarantee 100 percent accuracy of the information on each profile and we highly recommend you research each internship lead before you apply.

Questions or Concerns?

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