Internships and Career Placement

For-Credit Internship Application (COMM 495)

Submit this internship application after you have familiarized yourself with internship opportunities and the procedures for taking an internship for credit. For a complete list of procedures, go to the Internships Page and click PowerPoint Presentation, or attend one of the Bellisario College’s internship information sessions.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the requirements for taking an internship for credit and have been approved (by Bob Martin) to take an internship for credit, you may schedule COMM 495 on your own by going on LionPath. Or, or you may call our office at 814-863-4674 and ask that we schedule you. 

Note: Do not schedule COMM 495 unless you have secured an internship and you are certain you want to receive academic credit for your internship experience. ***Students are billed per-credit if not a full-time student during the semester or summer of the internship experience.*** Like any other course, you may only drop the course without financial penalty during the typical drop/add period at the beginning of each semester or summer.

It is your responsibility to pursue internship locations, get offers and accept an internship.

Transportation, housing (if needed), and insurance are your responsibility. By completing this application you are acknowledging that you understand the responsibilities associated with an internship for-credit, and that you have read the PowerPoint Presentation online or attended one of the internship information sessions.