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Equipment Room Rules & Procedures

General Inquiries

Equipment Management


Reservation Requirements

Reservations will be taken up to two weeks in advance and require the following:

  1. A workshop corresponding to the equipment you want to take
  2. Student ID
  3. Time AND Date that the equipment is to be Picked Up AND Returned
  4. What equipment you want

Student ID Card Mandate

Reservations/checkout/check-ins mandate that you carry your student ID card. No ID card = no checkout. If you are working in groups, the person who makes the reservation with their ID card MUST be the one who picks it up AND returns it.

Course Enrollment Restrictions

Equipment is only available to students currently enrolled in production courses for the specific needs of that course.

Making a Reservation

  • Reservations will be taken in person, over the phone, and wco.psu.edu. Phone inquiries concerning availability are also fine. No reservations left over the answering machine will be accepted.
  • Students with extensive needs are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to come in and do the reservations in person due to the amount of time required to reserve their gear over the phone.
  • Your reservation is GUARANTEED for ONE HOUR after your scheduled pick up time. If you have not picked up equipment or called by the end of this grace period, it will be given to anyone who asks for it, and you will assessed a “no call/ no show” fine. All equipment room fines must be paid before you can borrow or reserve any new equipment. CALL if you will be late.
  • Cancellations need to be made at least 1 hour prior to pick up time. You cannot cancel your reservation by leaving a message or via email; you will need to call/stop in and speak with someone personally.

Pick-ups & Returns

Equipment is Signed Out Overnight

If you pick up equipment on Friday, you have it for the weekend and it is due back Monday.

Every-other Day Fair Access

Groups and individual may have equipment every-other day. In other words, you can not check out equipment for two days in a row. You must leave at least one day between checkouts in order to allow others fair access.

Check your Equipment BEFORE Leaving!

It is to your advantage to confirm that everything works and is not damaged before you leave

Equipment Return Condition

Return equipment in the neat and orderly condition that you received it in.

Late Return Fines

Late returns will result in a fine. This is strictly enforced whether you are 15 minutes late or a day late.

Arrangements for Flexibility in Pick-ups, Returns, and Extensions

Early pick-ups, late returns, and extension can usually be arranged in advance. We try to be as flexible as possible in order to help you out. If you have a special situation, talk to your instructor and have THEM contact us concerning if we can accommodate you. DO NOT assume that you can pick-up early, return late, etc. without talking to us.

Warning About Equipment and Cars

DO NOT leave equipment in the car. NEVER leave cameras, mics and other sensitive electronics in your vehicle. If stolen, it is your responsibility for replacement costs.

Problems & Fines

Equipment Problems

If you experience a problem with the equipment, make note of it and tell us exactly what happened. Many times "problems" are user errors, so make sure you can show us what you did. This way, we can fix the problem or show you what to do next time

Financial Responsibility

You are financially responsible for the equipment. A typical camera checkout with all accessories can total between $3,000 to $5,000.


Unpaid fines will constitute a “HOLD” on your Penn State Student Account, rendering you unable to schedule courses or receive your DIPLOMA.

You must pay an outstanding fine immediately BEFORE you may check out equipment again.


Equipment Room Fine Structure
Category Penalty
No show: failure to pickup your reservation $10
Late: day the equipment is due $25
Late: day after equipment was due $50 per day
Late: on a Friday return (meaning it was returned on Monday) $100

A Phone Call Can Save You Money

There may be some leniency by simply calling us PRIOR to due time and letting us know what’s going on, when to expect you, etc.. “I didn’t know your phone number” is NOT an excuse. Calling AFTER your due time will not necessarily save you from sanctions, but is still appreciated.

Don't Burn Bridges

Chances are that you will be here for the next two to three years and will be dealing with the Equipment Room on a regular basis. It’s all about you….showing up, calling when you have a problem, and treating all equipment with respect. Remember, we are here to help, so don’t be afraid to ask us questions and be honest with us.