Areas of Academic Strength

History, Law, Government and Politics

This area offers graduate students with the opportunity to work with our nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty in journalism and media history, First Amendment theory, media law and regulation, freedom of information, media-government relations and the role of the media in fostering democracy.

The College closely cooperates with the Dickinson School of Law, and students may—with prior approval from their adviser or committee—take course work in both units.

Research Specializations

  • Traditional First Amendment Theory
  • Libel
  • Privacy
  • Free Press-Fair Trial Issues
  • Freedom of Information
  • Legal Restrictions on Violent Video Games
  • Obscenity
  • Copyright
  • Media Role in Government and Politics
  • Telecommunications Regulation
  • Internet and New Technology Law
  • Media and Journalism History
  • Media Ethics

Research Centers

The College is home to the Pennsylvania Center for the First Amendment and the Institute for Information Policy. These organizations serve as centers for research and outreach. Research spearheaded by these organizations has been cited widely in the public policy realm, including in testimony to Congress and in briefs and petitions to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Associated Faculty