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Stephanie Madden - Senior Research Fellow

It’s easier than ever to bring the Page Center Awards into your classroom

February 4, 2021

One of the many challenges of being a university-level educator during the COVID-19 pandemic is watching our prepared and motivated students face an uncertain professional future. While canceled internships and potentially lackluster job prospects are a very real challenge, one opportunity provided by our Zoom-based reality is the enhanced access available to professional events that were once financially or… More

Fan Yang and Holly Hott

Understanding corporate misinformation and the spread of environmental issues on social media

May 28, 2020

By Fan Yang, University at Albany, SUNY, and Holly Overton, University of South Carolina

Why do people share misinformation, especially when they know it may not be true? How do companies’ efforts to combat misinformation impact individuals’ trust in media sources?

We conducted a series of studies about the psychology behind the spread of misinformation about environmental… More

Jessica Myrick, Pennsylvania State University

Research in Progress: The effects of consuming science narratives via social media

August 12, 2019

By Jessica Myrick, Pennsylvania State University

People like stories. More than we even realize, we organize our societies and daily lives around narratives. We feel more comfortable when we know the background plot before being presented with a new crucial bit of information. Stories tend to stick with us longer, too, whereas bullet point lists of facts can… More