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How corporations can survive a fake news crisis

June 5, 2019

By Michele E. Ewing and Cheryl Ann Lambert, Kent State University

In a society where anything can be said and taken as fact by large segments of the population, organizations are facing an uphill battle to prove their communication is credible. Unfortunately, fake news producers have widened the gulf between what messaging organizations can and cannot control. To… More

Fan Yang and Holly Overton

Research in Progress: Understanding corporate rumors and the psychology of how they spread

December 4, 2018

By Fan Yang, University at Albany, and Holly Overton, University of South Carolina

Coca-Cola contains a bug-based dye, alcohol or pork?! Naked Juice smoothies have a toxic preservative, formaldehyde?! Rumors like these can circulate quickly on social media and harm corporate reputation.

Environmental responsibility has been deemed a pillar of corporate social responsibility (CSR) by companies across… More

Christopher Cox

Research in Progress: The priming of ‘fake news’ for automated media

October 15, 2018

By Christopher M. Cox, Christopher Newport University

When considering ways to identify and discourage the spread of fake news online, the conversation inevitably turns toward the role of social media algorithms, bots and other automated technologies that obscure the distinctions between verifiable journalism and questionable information.

As we see with the ongoing dilemma of fake news on Facebook,… More

Qian Xu and Shi Chen

Research in Progress: Comparing real news vs. fake news in the Zika epidemic

September 18, 2018

By Qian Xu, Elon University and Shi Chen, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

More and more individuals choose social media as the first source to gain information during health crises and disease outbreaks. While the low cost and easy access of social media make it more convenient for health officials and communicators to disseminate useful information, they… More

Bart Wojdynski

Research in Progress: How design influences reactions to fake news stories in social media

September 4, 2018

By Bart Wojdynski, University of Georgia

Social media and contemporary online misinformation are inextricably linked, because social media serves as the main source of traffic for many misinformation sites.

As a primary funnel of audiences to news stories of all kinds, Facebook has taken action several times in the past year in an attempt to decrease exposure… More

Michail Vafeiadis and Anli Xiao

Research in Progress: Examining the role of message source and rebuttal mechanisms

August 27, 2018

By Michail Vafeiadis, Auburn University, and Anli Xiao, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

Social media has amplified the rapid dissemination of (mis)information and fake news. A recent study out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that fake news spreads at a much faster rate on Twitter than true news—the likelihood of the former to go viral is… More