Children, Media and Conflict Zones Lab

Collaboration Opportunities

Are you a graduate or undergraduate student interested in getting involved with the lab?

Are you interested in scholarly questions and policy operating at the intersections between children, youth, social media, journalism and conflict zones? Are you fluent in multiple languages? Do you have qualitative research methods skills? Do you have quantitative research methods skills? Do you have media production skills? Do you have event organizing skills? If you share these interests and have one or more of these skills then this transdisciplinary and multi-media oriented lab may be for you. Get in touch!

Are you a scholar interested in collaborating or incorporating fieldwork components into your own research?

Do you share overlapping intellectual and/or policy interests with the Initiative? Are you interested in contributing to the Initiative’s scholarly aims to fill in gaps in the policy relevant literature? Are you interested in becoming involved in the ongoing fieldwork of the lab? Alternatively, are you looking to incorporate fieldwork into your own research and seeking collaborators who can collect overseas data for you? Get in touch!

Are you a media or conflict management professional or donor interested in incorporating evidence-based practice into your work?

Are you interested in having research evidence lead your policy, practice and/or funding decisions surrounding efforts located at the intersection between children and youth’s rights, media and conflict zones? Get in touch! The lab is committed to increasing and improving evidence-based practices and wants to connect with you in order to help ensure you can best address the rights of children and youth living in, displaced by and/or produced by conflict zones.